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Web - CMI: Daily Email

When I was hired with Creation Ministries International (CMI), they did not have a daily email for the day's article. I asked my boss about this and he said he was told by the IT department that this wasn't possible. I subsequently proved this wrong through the creation of CMI's daily email. The script ties in with several MySQL tables. It first selects from CMI's article scheduling system to get the article scheduled for that day. It then joins this with the actual Joomla article itself. Products related to the article are promoted in each email so the database is also queried for information and pricing on these as well. The article is stripped of excess elements using PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser and is then limited to a set number of words. The filtered article content is then sent to Streamsend using their API and is scheduled to be sent at 6:00 AM with the time converted to the local time zone. A cron is used to run the script each day with no user intervention required at any point.
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