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Web - CMI: Streamsend Automator

Creation Ministries International (CMI) uses Streamsend for their email delivery. While their service works well, the number of steps required to send an email is quite time consuming especially since world wide emails require 8 separate emails. Changes required starting the process over as well. After having sent several world wide emails, I recognized the current systems deficiencies and started working on a script to improve the process. I used the REST based Streamsend API to handle automating the sending of emails. Where one set of world wide emails once took close to an hour to send could now be done in under 20 seconds. A user simply inputs a URL to the hard copy of the email being sent. can be replaced by each office's country code to allow one request to send to send to multiple countries at the same time. Emails are currently scheduled one year from the date of request to avoid accidental email blast. As time has progressed, I've added several things to improve on the script. First was the addition of a text based email for clients not wanting or incapable of receiving HTML emails. There are several links in the email that should point to the hard copy and the script checks these are correct. When creating emails a relative image's src or anchor's href may accidentally be used and not noticeable until a test blast is sent out. The script checks for these and warns the user if found. The script can also replace the country contact info at the bottom of each email to match the sending office's contact info. Finally, the script can also send to list other than the Individual office's subscriber list and filters can be used to further limit who the emails are sent to.
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