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Site I designed and coded from scratch for our photography business to replace existing Joomla based site (which I also created) to simplify and improve common task. As an example in the old Joomla setup, to add a new photo shoot I had to create a new article, create two modules, create a photo gallery, add the pictures to that gallery and then add it to the menu along with setting the meta data for the pages. With the new site, I create a photo shoot on one page and upload the photos at the same time. All the various sized images required for both the desktop and mobile app are automatically created and watermarked on the larger versions. The time savings with the new site has been tremendous. The new back-end also controls our client's photo backup to Flickr and Amazon S3 (stored in Glacier storage class) via both of their APIs. Photo galleries for our Facebook page can also be generated and pictures uploaded programmatically. jQuery and jQueryUI were used for the back-end to allow a calendar popup and drag and drop functionality. Photo Swipe was used on the front-end to make image navigation more natural on mobile devices.

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Used In This Project
Amazon Glacier
Amazon S3
jQuery UI
Photo Swipe